4 Pack – Custom Mixed

Our 4 packs are great for picnics, beach days, BBQ’s or just as a nourishing alcohol replacement after work.  These cute packs can be made up of any 4 of our beautiful flavours. 

To help us make sure your Kombucha is left in a safe place, add where you would like your bottles left at delivery in the “Order Notes” box.  If there are no notes, we will leave your order at the safest place we can.


  • Lime Elderflower 330ml Bottle

    A thirst quenching crowd favourite, you’ll be drawn in by the vibrant purple hue of this Kombucha, and utterly hooked when you take a sip.  Expressing the freshness and vibrancy of zesty Bundaberg lime, it is carefully balanced with a sweet elderflower finish.  

    48 in stock

  • Ginger Glow 330ml Bottle

    Ginger lovers this one’s for you.  Warming, zestful and refreshing, this Kombucha is made with only the best organic ingredients; ginger, lemongrass, hibiscus flower, calendula petals and Pai Mu Tan white tea. It radiates health and is soothing on the tummy.  

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  • Hibiscus Ginger 330ml Bottle

    Crafted by combining organic white tea, organic hibiscus flower and ginger, this warm red Kombucha exudes a sweet floral aroma with a soft, subtle ginger palate to finish.  The beauty lies in the Pai Mu Tan white tea, fruity and fuller in body than other white teas while maintaining a soft flavour, it allows the star ingredients of hibiscus and ginger to really shine.

    17 in stock

  • Blood Orange 330ml Bottle

    Inspired by the rich citrus growing area of Gayndah comes HOTI Blood Orange Kombucha.  With it’s distinct crimson almost blood coloured flesh, blood oranges are crisp, refreshing and uplifting with notes of raspberry and citrus.  Fresh blood oranges are hand juiced and blended with HOTI signature Kombucha of Organic Pai Mu Tan White and Oolong Teas to create a taste that is rich, and sophisticated.

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  • Limoncello 330ml Bottle

    Don’t let the light colour fool you, this Limoncello inspired Kombucha is bursting with a punchy flavour.  Local tangy lemon is infused with notes of mint and liquorice, leaving a tingly flavour impression after every sip.  Organic lemongrass, lemon myrtle, lemon peel and lemon juice combine with organic hibiscus flower to create a taste sensation with a sassy attitude.

    48 in stock

  • Strawberry 330ml Bottle

    Grown in the warm Bundaberg winter sunshine, strawberries are infused into the finished HOTI signature blend of Pai Mu Tan White, Oolong and Yerba Mate and the Asian Ginseng herb Jiaogulan to give a luscious tangy yet sweet pallet.  Notes of rosehip and lychee add to the elegance and give the finished colour a vivid sweet red.  A limited release, and only available while the Bundaberg strawberry stocks last.

    45 in stock

  • Dragonfruit 330ml Bottle

    A tropical delight, this iridescent pink kombucha is oozing with character.  An infusion of organic Pai Mu Tan White, Oolong and Yerba Mate teas and Asian Ginseng herb, this colourful brew acquires its flavour from locally sourced red, white and yellow dragon fruit.  With hints of citrus and subtle tastes of pear and kiwi fruit to finish, this elegant kombucha is refreshingly sweet and balanced and will encourage you to return to your glass time and time again.

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  • Mango Passionfruit 330ml Bottle

    Locally grown Bundaberg mango combined with fresh passionfruit to bring a sweet and tangy sensation to this bright and fruity kombucha.  Created with best organic Pai Mu Tan White, Oolong and Yerba Mate Teas and Asian Ginseng herb of Jiaogulan, the ripe and fruity flavour of this blend will provide you with that vibrant, fresh taste of summer on even the gloomiest of days.

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  • Raspberry & Rosewater 330ml Bottle

    Created using a delicate combination of organic teas, this Kombucha showcases the sweetness of raspberry and rosewater balanced with notes of orange.  HOTI’s signature blend of Pai Mu Tan White, Oolong and Yerba Mate Teas blend with Asian Ginseng herb and combined with a variety of herbal teas to bring a delectable flavour to life.  With a gentle, elegant finish, this is the perfect introduction to Kombucha for beginners.

    45 in stock

In stock

Our 4 packs are great for picnics, beach days, BBQ's or just as a nourishing alcohol replacement after work.  These cute packs can be made up of any 4 of our beautiful flavours. 


Delivery is free for orders $60 and over or $13.20 delivery for orders under $60.  Delivery will be to the following locations:
Bundaberg (all areas), Bargara, Burnett Heads, Elliott Heads, Innes Park and Coral Cove.  Pick up can be accommodated by messaging Helen via the contact us page.

Delivery FAQ’s

Q.  How do I get free delivery?
A.  All orders $60 and over are eligible for free delivery.

Q.  How long will it take my order to arrive?
A.  We will send you an email or SMS to confirm when your order will arrive so you can leave your empty bottles out for re-fill orders.

Q. How can I track my order?
A. We will send you and email or an SMS to let you know when you can expect your order to be delivered or you can get in touch with us at helen@hoti.com.au.

Q. Where will my delivery be left?
A. You can add special delivery instructions at checkout so we know where to leave it if you’re not home.  This means you accept the risk of goods being left at the premises.  If your home, we will send you an SMS to let you know your delivery has arrived.

Q. What happens if I make a mistake with my order or delivery information?
A. Ops, we all make mistakes.  Please email us at helen@hoti.com.au ASAP

Q. What is your returns policy?
A. If the item is defective or fails to be of acceptable quality, we would love you to tell us so we can improve.  Please email us with your suggestion and we will arrange to exchange the product as soon as practicable.

Additional information


Choose from the following flavours:
Ginger Glow
Hibiscus Ginger
Lime Elderflower
Raspberry & Rosewater
Mango & Passionfruit
Blood Orange
NOTE – Flavours are seasonal and may not always be available.


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