Why our Kumbucha?

She is mysterious, she is nurturing, she is wellness, and she is powerful. 

Simply, HOTI Kombucha is an alternative to sugary drinks that often cause harm rather than wellness and nourishment. 

HOTI Kombucha is a raw, unpasteurised, vegan and gluten free goodness that will have you converted to drinks that are designed to heal and nourish at every sip. 

Our Kombucha is wellness, kindness and love.  It is what we love and with one sip, she will have you in love with her too. 

Here at HOTI Kombucha we make real Kombucha using raw organic Bundaberg sugar and the highest quality loose leaf tea blends that are added to HOTI’s original culture and left to develop into an amazing bottle of wellness. 

It is said when traditionally prepared, Kombucha works to enrich the healthy gut bacteria by adding beneficial acids, yeast and probiotics. 

We know this, that’s why every batch of HOTI Kombucha is designed to be enjoyed, not as a tonic, but as a celebration of wellness and health. 

It is more than just Kombucha to us, she is life, she is physical and mental health, she is uplifting and to us, she is life changing. 

See how HOTI can do this for you. 


Creation Process

Using only organic loose-leaf tea, raw organic Bundaberg sugar, the union begins with the sugar and water which is gently converted to a glucose rich base to which the loose tea leaves are added to unfurl and slowly bring out their flavour and colour. 

Once cooled, it is added to our fermenters to which our mothers await their renewal and regeneration, to grow and create, to develop into what we have come to enoy.  The next phase is where the mystery commences, where the magic happens. 

Over the next 7 days, the unique Bundaberg climate assists our mothers work to alchemize and create, to provide life and give health in a way that only fermented drinks can. 

Once the cycle and the mystery of the fermentation has completed its first journey, the second journey commences. 

Our mothers are rested and the Kombucha then takes its next journey  to completeness through its second fermentation process. 

This is when our locally sourced and lovingly hand pressed jucies and healing herbs are added to infuse and transform into a powerfully hand-crafted refreshing drink. 

This is HOTI Kombucha.  This is what we do.  This is what we love to do. 


& Refill Stations

Our unique refill and reuse program allow our customers to purchase their refillable Kombucha bottle and then either refill it at one of our partner refill stations or swap empty for full at our retail space at the Pocket Storehouse, Artisan Sourdough Bakery at a discounted price.

At HOTI we have no single use bottles, its all about keeping our seas plastic free.

Our Refill Stations can be found at the following locations: 


The Pocket Storehouse Artisan Sourdough Bakery Bundaberg

Saturday 7am to 12pm


Nanas Pantry Bundaberg

Monday – Saturday


Nanas Pantry Hervey Bay

Monday – Saturday


Insane Caffeine Cafe Childers

Open everyday


Windmill Cafe Bargara

Open everyday


& Values

We value Wellness, Sustainability and Customer Friendship.  So, everything we do leads us back to these 3 things.

Our own journey and commitment to wellness was where the creation of HOTI Kombucha manifested, where she was born and why she flows through to you. 

Without it, HOTI would not exist.  She represents our own salute to how we choose to take responsibility for our own health.  

Bundaberg is home to the famous Mon Repo Conservation Park, and to the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland and has the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific Region. 

To do our bit to help protect these amazingly beautiful sea turtles, we choose to be plastic free as much as possible or to use eco-friendly plastic. 

Sea turtles are affected by plastic during every stage of their life.  Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales and other marine mammals and more than 1 million sea birds die each year from ocean pollution and ingestion or entanglement in marine debris. 

Supporting us will also support the minimisation of plastic in our sea.

Through the creation of HOTI Kombucha, the most amazing value in life has transformed – friendship. 

Through our journey of creating this rich elixir, we have whole heartedly connected with customer and community and for us this brings joy and connection. 

Our Customers are not just customers, they represent our own alignment to our physical and mental health. 

Our customers are friendship, strength and family and sit firmly in our vision when creating this powerful drink. 



From Bundaberg’s rich red soil, never ending landscape of abundant local produce and near perfect weather comes one of the hottest beverages, Kombucha. 

A unique artisan crafted beverage, HOTI Kombucha is delicately brewed under the warm Bundaberg sky and utilises as many local fruits as possible. 

Due to the availability of  precious seasonal ingredients, there may be times that select blends become unavailable in the range, however we welcome all enquiries.

Ginger Glow

Ginger lovers this one’s for you.  Warming, zestful and refreshing, this Kombucha is made with only the best organic ingredients; ginger, lemongrass, hibiscus flower, calendula petals and Pai Mu Tan white tea. It radiates health and is soothing on the tummy.  With a soft ginger colour and full mouth flavour, this is a taste that captures the essence of wellness. 

Hibiscus Ginger

Crafted by combining organic white tea, organic hibiscus flower and ginger, this warm red Kombucha exudes a sweet floral aroma with a soft, subtle ginger palate to finish.  The beauty lies in the Pai Mu Tan white tea, fruity and fuller in body than other white teas while maintaining a soft flavour, it allows the star ingredients of hibiscus and ginger to really shine.

Lime Elderflower

A thirst quenching crowd favourite, you’ll be drawn in by the vibrant purple hue of this Kombucha, and utterly hooked when you take a sip.  Expressing the freshness and vibrancy of zesty Bundaberg lime, it is carefully balanced with a sweet elderflower finish.  Crafted by combining organic Huangshan Yun Wu green tea, butterfly pea flower, fresh pressed lime juice and elderflower, you’ll be quaffing this exotic blend from your favourite wine glass and returning for more.


Don’t let the light colour fool you, this Limoncello inspired Kombucha is bursting with a punchy flavour.  Local tangy lemon is infused with notes of mint and liquorice, leaving a tingly flavour impression after every sip.  Organic lemongrass, lemon myrtle, lemon peel and lemon juice combine with organic hibiscus flower to create a taste sensation with a sassy attitude.

Mango Passionfruit

Locally grown Bundaberg mango combined with fresh passionfruit to bring a sweet and tangy sensation to this bright and fruity kombucha.  Created with best organic Pai Mu Tan White, Oolong and Yerba Mate Teas and Asian Ginseng herb of Jiaogulan, the ripe and fruity flavour of this blend will provide you with that vibrant, fresh taste of summer on even the gloomiest of days. 

Butterfly Passionfruit

Boasting a bright purple hue, this unique kombucha is created using organic green tea, butterfly pea flower and fresh local passionfruit.  The tangy sweetness of the passionfruit is balanced by the grassy aromas of the Huangshan Wun Yn  green tea. The perfect combination of fruit and earth, this kombucha exudes a tart, yet sweet and fragrant finish. 

Rasberry &

Created using a delicate combination of organic teas, this Kombucha showcases the sweetness of raspberry and rosewater balanced with notes of orange.  HOTI’s signature blend of Pai Mu Tan White, Oolong and Yerba Mate Teas blend with Asian Ginseng herb and combined with a variety of herbal teas to bring a delectable flavour to life.  With a gentle, elegant finish, this is the perfect introduction to Kombucha for beginners. 

Blood Orange

Inspired by the rich citrus growing area of Gayndah comes HOTI Blood Orange Kombucha.  With its distinct crimson almost blood coloured flesh, blood oranges are crisp, refreshing and uplifting with notes of raspberry and citrus.  Fresh blood oranges are hand juiced and blended with HOTI signature Kombucha of Organic Pai Mu Tan White and Oolong Teas to create a taste that is rich, and sophisticated.


A tropical delight, this iridescent pink kombucha is oozing with character.  An infusion of organic Pai Mu Tan White, Oolong and Yerba Mate teas and Asian Ginseng herb, this colourful brew acquires its flavour from locally sourced red, white and yellow dragon fruit.  With hints of citrus and subtle tastes of pear and kiwi fruit to finish, this elegant kombucha is refreshingly sweet and balanced and will encourage you to return to your glass time and time again.


Grown in the warm Bundaberg winter sunshine, strawberries are infused into the finished HOTI signature blend of Pai Mu Tan White, Oolong and Yerba Mate and the Asian Ginseng herb Jiaogulan to give a luscious tangy yet sweet pallet.  Notes of rosehip and lychee add to the elegance and give the finished colour a vivid sweet red.  A limited release, only available during the Bundaberg strawberry season.

What started as a hobby in my quest for wellness in 2016, has now transformed into a flourishing business.  I founded HOTI Kombucha to meet a gap in the health beverage market in the Bundaberg region for those looking for a healthier alternative. 

Fuelled by my passion and purpose to do what I love, I saw a gap and decided to go for it.  It has since become the Kombucha of choice for locals. 

HOTI is the first commercially produced Kombucha in the Bundaberg Region and as a recent winner of the Bundaberg Region Chamber of Commerce 2019 Business Excellence Awards, I’m extremely proud of my achievements. 

In May 2019, I was also listed in the top 50 Business Leaders in the InSide Small Business Magazine.

 I have also been considered a success story with the Females in Food Organisation, inspiring other women in food and drink and was also listed in the top 50 businesses in the Inside Small Business Magazine.  HOTI Kombucha is also a proud member of Kombucha Brewers International, a non-profit trade association established to support commercial brewers, set standards in brewing and protect the industry. 

Helen Tricario

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